Sales Optimization Process

The Maybank Sales Optimization Process aims to increase close rates and lower overall costs of sales by streamlining the engagement between sales teams and potential clients using digital technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence and analytics.

Maybank Sales Optimization Process

The Future of Sales

Businesses that effectively use technology in their sales process have seen 5X’s the growth in comparison to businesses that aren’t using digital solutions. 

With technology growing at an exponential rate, businesses need to radically change their business models to adapt and scale as technology continues to influence how businesses function.

Maybank works with businesses to create and implement digital strategies focused on closing the gap between technology and businesses’ adoption of tools, while also optimizing the marketing and sales processes to accommodate these continuous changes.

Future of Sales. The road ahead

Sales Optimization Process

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Step 1

Digital Audit of the Current Sales Cycle

Maybank analyzes the engagements your team has with potential prospects throughout the entire buyer’s journey. Based on the current sales cycle, Maybank analyzes the tools, processes and assets and looks for ways to improve the customer engagement and experience with the sales team.

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Step 2

Competitor Analysis

This step is designed to audit key competitors’ entire customer journey and sales process to serve as a benchmark against the market.

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Step 3

Sales Optimization Recommendations

Throughout the buyer’s journey, Maybank provides detailed strategic and tactical recommendations regarding the use of automation and artificial intelligence tools to simplify the sales process and enhance the customer experience.

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Step 4


Maybank partners with Pyxl to execute all of the recommendations provided.


Accelerating Sales & Revenue Growth with Digital Transformation

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