Mural Case Study


Mural is an IT services firm specializing in helping global service providers successfully deliver Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to their business customers.

Mural partnered with Maybank to provide CMO services aimed at accelerating the growth of their new line of business, which includes Cloud Migration Services for SMBs and Cloud Enablement Services, for ISVs including Microsoft and Zoom. Maybank engaged with Mural’s Board and Executive Team to develop the go-to-market framework, including an integrated sales and marketing model, digital marketing strategy, plan and budget.


Mural is a successful IT services company that provides cloud services support to some of the largest telecommunications and software companies in the world. In 2020, they made the strategic decision to bring this expertise directly to small-to-medium size businesses (SMBs). Mural has deep experience but required assistance from Maybank Advisors to formulate a strategy and plan for capitalizing on this massive opportunity to reach and deliver services to SMBs.

Services Offered

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Interim CMO Services
Maybank is providing outsourced CMO Services that includes managing their overall marketing strategy, digital marketing partners, collaborating with their executive team and participating in bi-monthly Board meetings.

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A series of workshops were coordinated to align the Mural team on the target markets and personas for their SMB-focused cloud services offering.

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Maybank developed an initial 100-day go-to-market strategy to accelerate the launch of their new business line and to test critical assumptions.

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A detailed sales and marketing model was created to help inform the marketing budget required to support Mural’s Year 1 revenue objectives.

Key Deliverables

Mural Lead Acquisition and Nurture Model

Value Maybank Delivered

After many years of excelling in our core cloud services business, we chose Maybank Advisors to help us launch a new line of business aimed at reaching a different, yet complementary, target audience. In the first 90 days, they partnered with us to build an integrated and automated sales and marketing program targeting small-to-midsize businesses with our comprehensive Microsoft Cloud solutions. Maybank’s collaborative approach and deep expertise has made them an invaluable partner.

Don Yager, President & COO, Mural Corporation
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