RazorSync Case Study


RazorSync is a top-rated SaaS field service software that helps businesses manage their remote team, customers and internal operations with effective digital tools.

RazorSync engaged Maybank Advisors to collaborate with Pyxl, Maybank’s digital marketing partner, to develop new processes to generate greater revenue and reduce inefficiencies. Brian Winter, CEO and founder of Maybank Advisors, acted as a collaborative partner and extension of RazorSync’s leadership team to create and execute a successful digital strategy designed to drive year-over-year growth.


Celero Commerce, a leading merchant solutions provider, recently acquired RazorSync. Celero’s Chief Marketing Officer and RazorSync’s CEO were seeking a partner to assess how they were currently conducting digital marketing at RazorSync and provide recommendations that would deliver their desired growth.

Services Offered

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Maybank evaluated the 2020 RazorSync marketing strategy and KPI results to identify revenue-generating opportunities and strategies to execute in 2021.

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Workshops were conducted to identify annual themes, desired outcomes with aligned key metrics, metric targets and timelines.

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Maybank developed an annual sales and marketing strategy that included automating marketing and sales projects and activities to accelerate revenue, reduce churn and test critical assumptions.

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A detailed sales and marketing model was created to determine the marketing budget required to achieve RazorSync’s revenue objectives.

KPI Workshop Exercise

Key Deliverables

Value Delivered by Maybank

The combination of Maybank Advisors and Pyxl has truly had an impact on the growth of our business. Maybank has been instrumental in helping ensure our sales and marketing goals stay aligned and Pyxl has been an excellent partner in the creation and execution of our entire digital marketing program, resulting in a 50% decrease in the average cost of sale over the last 2 years.

Maybank/Pyxl deliver on the ultimate goal for any CMO, putting tangible ROI metrics in place and then executing against them. Maybank found the best route for our path to our goal and then Pyxl drove us there, adjusting as needed during the trip but with the end destination always in mind. Perfect blend of strategy and “elbow grease”.

Scott Farace, CMO, Celero Commerce
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