Announcing Maybank Advisors

Digitizing Businesses to Accelerate Revenue Growth. Welcome! As the CEO and founder, I am incredibly excited to announce the launch of Maybank Advisors, a professional consulting firm specializing in digital transformation. What is Maybank Advisors? Maybank Advisors help companies increase sales and revenue growth by adopting digital strategies, tools, and processes that streamline the marketing […]

The Future of Sales: Using AI to Optimize the Sales Process

Future of Sales. The road ahead

Executive Summary: The key to having a successful sales process 6 ways AI can streamline the sales process Why you need to work with a digital transformation expert The Key to Having a Successful Sales Process One of the greatest business management challenges in the 21st century is figuring out how to keep up with […]

Importance of Aligning Sales and Marketing Teams to Optimize Business Growth

Importance of Marketing and Sales Alignment

The number one reason why business revenue plateaus or declines is due to a misalignment between marketing and sales. Misalignment can cost companies an average of 10% of their annual revenue per year, and can result in loss of productivity and wasted budget. Needless to say, aligning sales and marketing with the right processes and […]

5 Approaches for Sales and Marketing Alignment

A long-standing and unfortunately common “rival” for many businesses is sales teams vs. marketing teams. Oftentimes this rival comes about because both teams aren’t aligned and don’t fully understand the other’s part in the process. Without marketing, sales teams can waste time gathering unqualified and non nurtured leads. Without sales, marketing teams would have difficulty […]